Meridian Point's Retro toy necktie doubles as a working keyboard

February 27, 2017

 Smart Works' V.J. Lund at Meridian Point's Retro booth at Toy Fair


You can wear your heart on your sleeve, or in the case of Meridian Point's Retro toys line, your keyboard around your neck.


The supplier showed its functional battery-operated 14-key clip-on Keyboard Neck Tie at least week's Toy Fair along with its other retro toy items.


"It's great fun  for the office during the holidays—or when they have Ugly Sweater Day," said V.J. Lund of Meridian Point parent company Smart Works Consumer Products, who noted that the keyboard tie piece fits in well with the Retro Toys line.


"We bring in old product with a new twist," said Lund, "old toys that parents bring back out of nostalgia, like Fishing Game."


But as evidenced from its exhibition booth, Retro also has more contemporary product. It's "Nano" series of remote-controlled toys, like Jetski and a tiny drone, fit in the palm of your hand, noted Lund, who also cited familiar small desktop games including darts, chess, football and basketball.

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